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Pune Car Rental Services | Car Hire Services in Pune

Pune – the cultural capital of Maharashtra has derived its name from Punya Vishaya which was inscribed on a copper plate of 937 CE belonging to the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. During the 13th century, it was called as Punawadi. Later on, it was named as ‘Pune’ in 1978. It is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai.

Avis India offers affordable car rental services to anyone who wants to visit Pune for leisure or official purposes. Let us go through the list of ‘best’ places to visit according to their categorized prominence.

Famous Monuments

Aga Khan Palace – One of the biggest landmark in Indian History was built in the year 1872 by Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III in Pune. Due to a huge Famine that broke out in the city during that time, Sultan Aga Khan gifted the Palace as a gesture of charity to the needy people. Anybody keen on taking a walk through fresh green lawns and see beautiful architecture can consider this place to be very attractive.

Shivneri Fort – Shivneri Fort is noted for being the birthplace of legendary – Shivaji. He was the famous ruler of Maharashtra. It had been built for Military Fortification, keeping defense mechanisms in the designing. Shivaji – the great ruler had taken military training on its grounds in his childhood. It is 105 kms away from Pune.
Kasturba Samadhi – It is located within the vicinity of Aga Khan Palace. It is the place where the wife of Mahatma Gandhi - Kasturba breathed her last. Hence, the name – Kasturba Gandhi Memorial.

Shaniwarvada – One of the most popular monuments that has been built in the year 1729 by Peshwa Baji Rao. It has audience halls, residential areas, many types of trees, courtyards, great fountains etc.
Alluring Gardens in Pune.

Alluring Gardens in Pune

The Empress Garden – A large garden of 59 acres located near Pune Solapur Road is in reality a Botanical Park which is also near Race course of Pune. This place is mostly used an unfamiliar picnic spot for families and couples alike.

Peshwa Udyan – Peshwa Udyan has gained popularity for its multi entertainment capability as it offers a toy train kind of experience to small kids (Phool rani), huge lawns and trees, a Temple of Talayatala Ganpati in the region and boating facilities. The municipal corporation of Pune takes care of the place.

Popular Temples in Pune

Chaturshringi Temple – Chaturshringi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Ambareshwari, the presiding deity of the Temple. It is located in Senapati Bapat Road and was built during the Reign of Shivaji Maharaj. In Pune, we find the reincarnations of Devi Chaturshringi who is manifested in the divine forms of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati and Ambareshwari. To see the manifestation of Godhead in this transient World, one must visit Pune.

Dagdusheth Temple – Dagdusheth Temple is dedicated to Hindu God – Ganpati and is one of the most popular Temple in Maharashtra that is visited by millions of devotees per year. It is located in Ganpati Bhavan of Budhwar Peth, Pune. Those who visit Pune must take blessings of Ganpati here.
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